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Indiana's Oldest and Most Reliable Basement Waterproofing Contractor:  Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing

I looked at the house the day after you did the basement repairs. It was
great! So clean and my carpet looked like it hadn't been disturbed! You put
the new sump pump in a much better location that it had been in. Thanks for
that! Now I can say something that I never said in the 18 years I lived in the
house--I can't wait for a really big rain!

Thanks so much for the extremely professional job that you and your crew did!
I would be happy to provide references for you in the future!

Jane Weiser, Bloomington, IN


I wanted you to know how extremely satisfied we are with your work on our basement. When we bought our home in 2004, the basement was not just an eyesore, but it was a muddy mess every time it rained. It's still hard to believe that in such a short amount of time you and your crew were able to totally transform such a gross mess into something we can't wait for our guests to see. One room has become a much needed storage room, and the other room has become a wonderful gym and study space.
It's refreshing to know that there are companies like yours out in the world that are so dedicated to customer satisfaction and professionalism in your job performance. Your crew is a great group of guys that has gained our respect as some of the hardest working men we know. Our deep gratitude goes out to each of you who worked so hard to improve our home. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who needs basement work done. Please include my name to your list of references. I would be glad to tell others all about our experience with your company. Thank you for a job well done!

Shawn Barger, Sprinville, IN


In recent years, the water table in our area rose. This higher water table, especially when accompanied by long periods of rain or melting snow caused water to enter our basement.. When we decided to spend the money to finish our basement, we hired Scott Nordhoff to install a drainage system. We have had it for a little more than one year, have experienced several situations of highly saturated ground conditions and heavy rain, but have not taken a drop of water in our basement. The system works. I recommend it.

Bob Firenze, Bloomington, Indiana


I would like to thank Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing for doing a remarkable job of waterproofing our basement! Before the waterproofing, our basement had standing water that rendered the space unusable and a foundation problem even worse yet. Since the foundation & waterproofing project, we have enjoyed the extra living space in a basement that is now rock solid--and more importantly--dry! I would recommend Nordhoff Basement Waterproofing to anyone with a wet basement and or foundation problem. Scott Nordhoff stands 100% behind his work and takes great pride in doing a professional job.

Tim Baker, Bedford


I never thought I would be excited about a basement, never thought of spending money on a basement. However, all that has changed since we had decided to completely restore my parents home.

In short the whole project depedened on if the basement could be at least used for storage and the furnace and water heater. After calling Nordhoff Basment Waterproofing, Scott Nordhoff met with me and came up with a plan that fit our budget and more importantly the home.

Since the whole project sort of hinged on this we got started, the whole project went as planned, the crew was very proffessional and worked very hard. My parents home is now beautifully restored, and it all started with the dry basement.

We also noticed a big difference with our family allergies, come to find out most of us were allergic to our home, rubbing our eyes and sneezing, the last thing we suspected was the basement. The symtoms have all gone and I know now positively it was the basement.

Thank you...

Jo Denny, Bedford, IN


The basement is still dry!. You did a great job on it. I have recommended your company to our mail lady. She saw your trucks sitting in our driveway and was asking how and what you did to make our basement dry. I gave her your web site address.

I have had a lot of compliments on how the basement looks since your work was done. The wall boards were definitely worth the extra money. They sure give the basement a finished look. There is not even a musty smell in the basement any more.

Feel free to use me as a reference. I will brag on your company.

The reason I went with your company was due to all the good references I got because price wise you were higher than the other estimates we got. Between Amy and myself we probably talked to about 20 of your references and all of them had nothing but good to say about your work. Most of them even offered to show us your work. In fact, the 3 other companies that gave me estimates gave me a total of 2 references to call. The one company I was originally going to go with would not supply me with a reference list even after I asked them twice for one. After that I figured you were worth the extra money. The other big selling points were the hydrastone and 3 ½ inches of replacement concrete.

Thanks again,

The Carnahans, Winslow, IN


When we first moved into our house, we really hated the
basement. In fact, we didn't use a huge part of it because it looked so bad and had a terrible basement smell. Also, we had to run a dehumidifier 24/7 and empty it every day. The old drainage system that was in place did not help matters. There were two pumps already in place, but they did not seem to pump out enough water to
prevent the walls from leaking.

Last winter's unseasonable raining really put us over the edge. Scott and his crew came into our house and completed the job in just a couple of days for a very reasonable price. They had to take out our
old system which was not working and put the Nordhoff system in its place. I have to admit that we were a bit skeptical at first because of the basement horror stories you hear from people dealing with just any contractor, but not anymore.
Wow! What a difference! Not one drop of water has entered our basement since the Nordhoff crew has been here and we have retired the dehumidifier.

First of all, the basement looks so much better! Scott and his crew wall paneled the walls, so they are no longer a major eye sore. Also, that mildew-basement smell is gone! I still go down to the basement periodically just to look at it because I am amazed at the difference. We are now able to use that part of the basement and are planning on finishing that space. I am sure the work Scott did has added value to our house!

Since the job, we take every person that comes over to our house down to the basement to show them what Scott and his crew did to our house.

For those who haven't made it over to see the basement, we sent pictures of the finished work! I was embarrassed of the basement when we moved in, but now it is a huge conversation piece when people come over.
We have highly recommended Scott Nordhoff and his crew to other residents in our area who have wet basements, and I would recommend him to anyone who is having basement trouble. I can't stress enough how great the system is and how wonderful the entire experience has been!

The customer service we have received from Scott is remarkable!

Scott, we would be happy to show the work you did at our house to anyone who is interested in obtaining your services and talk to them about our experience with you and your crew. Our entire outlook on the basement has changed for the better and we really, really appreciate what you did for us!

When it comes to basement repair, Scott Nordhoff is the best there is! Guaranteed!

Amanda and Erik, Bloomington, IN

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